General Business Services

We assist our business clients (both franchised and non-franchised businesses) with their day-to-day business operational issues such as lease negotiations, asset and stock sale/purchase transactions, settling business disputes prior to litigation, contract drafting, and a host of other general business matters.

Our clients operate in a multitude of different industries and include start-up businesses to multi-million dollar publicly traded corporations. We have a broad base of knowledge in general business matters and apply a practical yet thorough approach to business issues that face them.

Our approach most often involves an analysis of both the “up-sides” and the “down-sides” to any particular legal issue facing business so that the business owners can make informed, well-reasoned decisions based on the risks that are or are not acceptable to them. We enjoy working as part of a client’s “team” along with their accountants, consultants, management and owners, to provide the legal input and analysis to guide them through even the most complex of issues.

We have established a wide referral network for our clients that includes other practitioners handling wage/hour issues, patent registrations, estate planning, etc., so you can get your questions answered knowledgeably. We have also established a wide network of non-legal referrals for clients, including accountants, sales and marketing, manual writers, printing, graphic design and more.

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Representative Clients

Our clients include both franchised and non-franchised businesses:

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