Are You Thinking of Franchising?

Franchising a business can be one of the most exciting and challenging business decisions you’ll ever make.

Franchising a business holds the potential for significant business expansion, largely financed with the investments of your franchisees, as well as developing a nationally recognized brand and expanding your market share and level of customer recognition.

At the same time, the legal requirements associated with franchising can be complex and intimidating. Becoming a successful franchisor requires learning a whole new set of skills, beyond those that have already made you successful in business.

Lofstrom Law Corporation is a boutique firm focused on franchise and distribution models, representing start-up franchisors as well as mature franchise systems. We have extensive franchise law experience. We’re familiar with the business and legal challenges of building a franchise system and can share our knowledge of “best practices” in franchising.

After the initial launch of your franchise, we remain available to counsel you on how to remain compliant with complex franchise laws including how to avoid legal traps. We also help with handling the day-to-day issues that arise in your franchise system. Our multiple years of experience in franchise law enable us to provide you with practical, time-tested solutions in an efficient cost-effective manner.

We have a national reputation in franchise law. We’ve Chaired the California State Bar Franchise Law Committee, helped draft California franchise law, and are members of the ABA Forum on Franchising and International Franchise Association (IFA).

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Representative Clients

Our clients include both franchised and non-franchised businesses:

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