Are You Thinking of Going “Global”?

Expanding your system internationally is probably the most sophisticated step a franchisor can take. While it offers unique opportunities for significant growth and income it also involves challenges far different from those you may have already mastered in the domestic arena.

This mix of opportunities and challenges makes it critical that you seek advice from a law firm with significant international experience.

Lofstrom Law Corporation has experience with both taking concepts from the U.S. abroad as well as bringing foreign-based concepts to North America.

In our international practice, we draw on our working relationships with an extensive network of foreign law firms and other professionals, in franchising and related areas, making the process of moving franchise concepts from one country (and culture) to another as efficient and effective as possible.

When you’re ready to make that exciting but challenging move to international expansion, we’d be happy to help.

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Representative Clients

Our clients include both franchised and non-franchised businesses:

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