Are You a Newly Established Franchisor?

As a developing franchisor, you’re past the initial stages of establishing your concept and model and are now ready to take your system to the next level of growth.

To assist with your continued growth and to ensure you can realize your full potential, you need the guidance of an experienced franchise law firm, with a national reputation. You also need affordable rates and personalized service.

That firm will be one with whom you have a direct relationship with an attorney who not only has an in-depth knowledge of franchise law but has already worked with a wide range of successful systems and can share with you “best practices”. In addition, the firm should have the kind of reputation and contacts that allow them to work well with state and federal regulators on your behalf.

Ideally, your counsel will become a member of your team and will be an experienced resource on which you’ll draw as your System reaches maturity. All of these benefits should be available to you without having to pay for any “learning curve”.

Lofstrom Law Corporation is that kind of firm. We specialize in franchising and have a national reputation in franchise law. We’ve Chaired the California State Bar Franchise Law Committee, helped draft California franchise law, and are members of the ABA Forum on Franchising and International Franchise Association (IFA).

We represent franchise systems from start-up through maturity in a wide range of industries. One of our primary functions is to help newly established franchise systems reach their expansion goals, with practical, careful legal advice.

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Representative Clients

Our clients include both franchised and non-franchised businesses:

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